Trinasolar’s Vertex N NE19R n-type i-TOPCon monofacial solar panel delivers up to 625W power output and high cost savings.
Comparison between the Trinasolar 625W Vertex N NE19R n-type solar panel and similar solar module with 72 182 cells shows higher power and higher efficiency for Vertex N NE19R backsheet module.
List of advanced technologies incorporated in the Trinasolar Vertex N 625W monofacial module, including Advanced 210 technology platform, multi-busbar (MBB) technology, high-density interconnection (HDI) technology, and non-destructive cutting (NDC) technology.
Trinasolar Vertex N 625W monofacial solar panel incorporates n-type i-TOPCon technology with 210mm innovative platform and a low temperature coefficient of -0.29%/°C.
Comparison between Trinasolar’s Vertex N 625W monofacial solar module incorporating 66 210R n-type cells and competitor 580W module with 72 182 n-type cells shows 18% higher string power for the Vertex N 625W monofacial n-type solar module.
Comparison between Trinasolar’s Vertex N 625W solar module and competitor 580W solar module on a rooftop in Australia shows BOS savings of 6% with the Vertex N 625W module.
Trinasolar Vertex N 625W n-type solar module is applicable for residential and C&I, offering lower transportation costs with light weight and optimized golden size for medium-format solar modules.
Vertex N 625W n-type module is designed to withstand extreme weather, enable flexible installation and high system compatibility, and high compatibility with mainstream inverters.
Vertex N 625W solar module offers a long guaranteed product lifecycle with up to 25 years power warranty, lower degradation, and higher power generation.
Summary of Vertex N NE19R mono-facial solar module’s key features, making it ideal for residential rooftops and commercial and industrial solar installations.

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