All over Italy


This ongoing project began in 2008 when Enereco Energy Solutions Srl won the contract to supply a large quantity of photovoltaic modules to form a power saving system along the Italian motorway network by using the rooftop space on car parking shelters at service stations.

Having great confidence in the quality of their products and appreciative of the customer service given, Enereco chose Trina Solar as the module supplier for this important project. Trina Solar provided the highly efficient TSM-PC05-230W polycrystalline PV modules which meet all quality control and safety standards required. Producing 230 W peak power output each they provide high performance and reliability and need no follow-up maintenance operations. So far the total peak power installed is about 5 MW. The TSM-PC05, with a power output ranging from 220 to 240 Wp and being perfect for large-scale installations, is currently Trina Solar's most popular model.

Particularly good for ground-mounted and commercial rooftop systems, it uses thoroughly tested, reliable components and has a 25-year performance guarantee of 80% power production. The easy installation and assurance of a clean, independent electricity supply have been a major step in Italy's desire to meet targets in the area of renewable energy source development.