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"As part of our commitment to sustainable development and innovation, we will continue to integrate the ideas in our entire manufacturing and operation process. We strive to drive down the cost of photovoltaic (PV) power generation through constant technological innovation, making solar power affordable for everyone while meeting the worldwide demand for clean energy. We look forward to creating a framework for a future-oriented, cleaner, sustainable energy system so as to benefit mankind with solar energy."
                                                                        — Trina Solar Chairman and General Manager Jifan Gao


Electricity consumption
Compared with the base year of 2020, electricity consumption per MW cell (MWH/MW)decreased 30.76% in 2023
Compared with the base year of 2020, electricity consumption per MW module (MWH/MW)decreased 38.22% in 2023
Water consumption
Compared with the base year of 2020, water consumption per MW cell (t/MW) decreased 85.48% in 2023
Compared with the base year of 2020, water consumption per MW module (t/MW) decreased 44.40% in 2023
GHG Emissions
Compared with the base year of 2020, GHG emission per MW cell (tCO2e/MW) decreased 42.74% in 2023
Compared with the base year of 2020, GHG emission per MW module (tCO2e/MW) decreased 61.47% in 2023



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Committed to sustainable practices.

Trina Solar plays an important role in setting new benchmarks for the global industry by fostering best practices, world-class quality standards and sound policies. We are committed to providing clean, sustainable solutions throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle of our products. The World Economic Forum recognized Trina as its inaugrual Global Growth Company Industry Shaper for the solar sector in 2010.

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Dedicated to continuous improvement.

Trina Solar is an industry leader in sustainable business and manufacturing practices with a proven track record of excellence. Because we recognize there is always room to grow, we continue to research and develop more efficient and environmentally-friendly ways of producing our solar panels. 

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Accountable to third-party reporting.

It is Trina's policy to be as open and transparent as possible around our processes. Working with accredited third-party partners to help us measure and confirm our performance on key metrics of sustainable manufacturing. These reports let us set goals, track our progress and stay accountable to our employees, communities and customers.

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Manufacturing responsibly.

Careful monitoring of our annual manufacturing emissions and our carbon footprint has allowed us to optimize operations and reduce both our electricity and water consumption by over 60 percent from 2015 to 2020. We are also a member of PV Cycle, which ensures our products are recycled at the end of their life.

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Globally recognized for corporate social responsibility.

Our commitment to our employees, community and the environment has been recognized globally. For the third consecutive year Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition's (SVTC) 2014 Solar Scorecard ranked Trina Solar No. 1 globally for environmental and social performance. Trina Solar won a top regional award for sustainability reporting--Asia’s Best Workplace Reporting Award--at the 2016 Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards in Singapore. Moreover, In 2017 and 2018, Trina Solar received the Gold Recognition level in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment by EcoVadis, a global supplier sustainability ratings organization.

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Empowering communities.

Trina Solar works with communities in need to provide an affordable, reliable and clean source of electricity. 

For example, Trina Solar donated $1.5 million to set up the Siyuan Sunshine Entrepreneurship Fund, empowering college students in marginalized communities through PV-related vocational education and entrepreneurship training.

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In 2014 Trina Solar donated 4 kilowatts of PV modules to the Sun Star hybrid power system in Cape Town, South Africa. The construction was later dismantled and all the modules were donated to support a local low-income community.

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Trina Solar donated modules to earthquake-stricken area in Nepal, and British Prince Harry participated in reconstruction.

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In 2014 Trina Solar, together with its partners SunPlan and MaxSolar, donated 9.5 kilowatts of photovoltaic modules to Tanzania Msafiri English primary school, supporting the education of 170 students.