Vertex 600W

MBB / 580-600W

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    Positive Power Tolerance

600W+ Ultra-high Power with 21.2% High Efficiency

Based on 210mm large-size silicon wafer and monocrystalline PERC cell, the Vertex solar module comes with several innovative design features allowing a high power output of more than 600W. Excellent temperature coefficient and low irradiation performance bring greater power. Furthermore, by incorporating square mono cells and high-density encapsulation technology, the efficiency of the Vertex solar modules can reach up to 21.2%.

Low-voltage, Higher Module String Power Output, Improvement in Power Output of a Single Module String by More Than 41%

Based on the aim of improving system efficiency and reducing balance-of-system costs, Trina Solar's research and development team has introduced an innovative design of low-voltage and higher module string power output. Typically, 33 Vertex modules can be interconnected into a string. When compared with other reference solar modules, a single module string can achieve up to a 41% power increase, 15% racking decrease, 17% foundation decrease and 35% combiner box decrease, indicating an innovative technological breakthrough and ushering in a new era of 600W+ for the solar industry.

Smart Solar Solution: Bifacial Modules with Tracking

The ultra-high power Vertex solar module is verified and confirmed to be compatible with mainstream inverters and tracking systems. Trina Solar offers the industry’s only truly integrated power plant solution with the Vertex modules and smart trackers from TrinaTracker, giving full play to the Vertex module and ensuring the safety and reliability of the system.