Reuters Lists Trina Solar as the Only Solar Tracker Services Provider within the Top 100 Innovators Leading Energy Transition Globally

Trina Solar Co., Ltd. (SHA:688599), a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, has been awarded by Reuters Events as a top 100 company in the pursuance of achieving a net-zero emission civilisation.

Reuters Events, one of the largest and fastest-growing events companies anywhere in the world, made this selection based on the privileged insights gathered by producing dozens of energy transition-focused events and reports in 2021.

Reuters structured its report in 10 different categories, including "digital technology and digitalization", "Clean Hydrogen", "Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)", Solar and Wind Green Finance, Energy Storage, "Shipping and Logistics", "Grid System", "Novel Technologies", and "Deep Decarbonization".

Trina Solar received this award in the solar and wind category for its innovative solar modules and tracker technology. The company was the only listed company that includes a whole business unit, "TrinaTracker", exclusively dedicated to developing tracker technology.

TrinaTracker, a leading solar tracking solution, with 18 years of experience and photovoltaic plants installed in more than 40 countries, offers tracking solutions that can cover all sites' demands despite any terrain complexity or critical weather condition that might be encountered.

Moreover, TrinaTracker has four tracking manufacturing hubs, laboratories and testing facilities in Asia and Europe. Its international technology devoted R&D team has designed the state-of-the art Agile 1P, Vanguard 2P and the recently launched Vanguard 1P trackers.

TrinaTracker's DNA is characterised for pioneering in quality and novelty to provide high-technology solutions that achieve the highest energy yield, lowest balance-of-system costs, and levelized cost for its clients.

Among these high-tech innovations, we find the "multi-drive system" included in Vanguard 2P, in which one motor moves three linear actuators. This multi-point drive has a self-locking function to keep the tracker stable under high wind speed.

Furthermore, TrinaTracker's patented "spherical bearing", moving around three axes of rotation, reduces installation time and eliminates the twist of the post and failure of the drivers.

TrinaTracker also patented Trina Clamp, which was designed with the purpose of saving cost to our clients, reducing installation time by 50%.

Nevertheless, the "slewing drive" of our Agile 1P adds flexibility and adaptability to dual row trackers, while the TrinaTracker's innovative bi-damper system included in Vanguard 1P shortens the time of tracker oscillation and prevents the oscillation spread.

On the other hand, SuperTrack intelligent algorithm increases energy yield from 3% to 8% compared to traditional algorithms by combining Smart Tracking and Smart Backtracking Algorithm.

Finally, the latest patented "Trina Smart Cloud," a unique intelligent monitoring control solution, leads to a smart operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic plants. This SCADA enables reliable and accurate operation across a wide range of weather conditions and increases productivity from preventive diagnosis and operation and maintenance suggestions.

Juan Manuel Gómez, Head of Support Structures, R&D at TrinaTracker stated: “We are proud to be selected by Reuters Events as a top 100 leader in the process of achieving a net-zero world. This recognition means a lot to us since our main priority is to offer solar solutions that, apart from contributing to the energy transition, boost our clients' economy, reduce cost, increase energy production, and make their life easier by providing the most innovative technology tools”. 

Dr. Peng Quan, Head of R&D at TrinaTracker said: “Our innovative ingenious developments are the outcome of a talented, diverse and devoted team with ethical and transparent principles that that work every day to provide added value to our clients’ business”.

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