Trina Solar Unveils Upgraded Vertex N Family as 720W Series Modules Continue to Lead 700W+ Trend

N-type modules using i-TOPCon technology will dominate global production this year, and high-power modules such as the Vertex N 720W series will lead the way in the 700W+ era. Trina Solar globally unveiled its upgraded Vertex N 720W series modules, the Vertex N 625W and the Vertex S+, at the Tokyo PV Expo on February 28.

On the industry-leading 210mm product technology platform and with n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology innovation, Trina Solar has delivered an increase in the efficiency of laser induced firing by 0.3%, upgrading TOPCon modules in all settings, including in ground-mounted power stations, and in residential and commercial and industrial settings. The upgraded Vertex N 720W modules have efficiency of 23.2%, Vertex N 625W modules have efficiency of 23.1%, and Vertex S+ 455W modules have efficiency up to 22.8%.

As an outstanding member of a portfolio of Vertex N products, Vertex N 720W series modules, a star in ground-mounted power stations, can greatly increase string power and decrease BOS cost compared with 182N-72 modules, according to an assessment of CAPEX and LCOE conducted for a project in Germany based on a simulated PV system.


Vertex N 720W series module

Photo:Trina Solar


Vertex N 720W series modules, featuring low-voltage, high-power, ultra-low degradation and high bifaciality, and delivering higher string power, greater installed system capacity, higher energy yield and lower LCOE for utility projects, have been used in many different settings for great reliability, especially in rugged conditions, such as in high-altitude areas and vast desert regions.

Vertex N 625W modules, suitable for utility-scale or commercial and industrial solar applications, especially offer more feasibility to utility-scale projects in the most complex terrains and are highly compatible with trackers, with 13% more installation capacity for single-row tracker systems. The Vertex N 625W module is 2382mm by 1134mm, the dimensions promoted by Trina Solar and adopted in the industry, improving the utilization rate of a 40HC container to 98.5%, reducing customers’ logistics and BOS costs.

The Vertex S+ 455W modules, based on 210mm rectangular silicon wafer (210R) cell technology with n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, offer a high-powered yet compact solution dedicated to residential solar applications. 

Trina Solar's 210mm n-type scenario-based solutions, including Vertex N 720W series modules, Vertex N 625W modules and Vertex S+ modules, are tailored to operate in a wide range of settings, with lower BOS costs and LCOE to maximize customer value.


Vertex N Family

Photo:Trina Solar


After an initiative to standardize 700W+ module dimensions and upgrading the Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance propelled by Trina Solar at the end of last year, the Vertex N 720W series products are empowering the company to lead the industry into the 700W+ era further.

Trina Solar continues to push the industry toward industrializing 700W+ PV modules by promoting the industrialization of ultra-high-power and ultra-high-efficiency modules. The company will continue to innovate with its mainstream n-type i-TOPCon technology and products, offering greater customer value with advanced technology, reliable products and solutions.