TrinaTracker Obtains Independent SuperTrack Technical Assessment Report

April 26th, 2023 | TrinaTracker, the smart tracker solution provider under Trina Solar Co., Ltd. (SHA: 688599), announces it has received an independent technical analysis report from an internationally renowned third party for its SuperTrack technology. The report reviewed the SuperTrack technology and estimated its potential impact on project generation. The report states that TrinaTracker SuperTrack has the potential to increase solar power plant production by 3.06%.


Image: TrinaTracker SuperTrack Technology

According to the report, SuperTrack smart tracking methodology was reviewed, and production estimates for a 100MW hypothetical project in Campina, Spain was performed. The report states that the SuperTrack technology has the capability to increase solar plant power generation through capturing diffuse light during cloudy conditions and reducing row-on-row shading on project sites with undulating terrain.

SuperTrack is an intelligent, self-adjusting smart tracker control system designed by TrinaTracker, which applies SBA and STA algorithms to correct for shading caused by sloped terrain and capture diffuse light under cloudy conditions. As more projects are built on complex terrain areas, using SuperTrack on standard solar tracking projects will significantly increase power generation. Additionally, the report states that the SuperTrack methodology is verified as logical and consistent with other advanced tracking algorithms used within the industry.

The analysis utilized PVsyst to model SuperTrack’s impact on generation. Given that PVsyst’s treatment of single-axis trackers is mainly based on a flat site without adequately considering the power loss due to row-to-row shading, the third party computes the effects of the slopes in each direction using separate PVsyst runs. Using this methodology, the report estimates that the potential generation gain using SuperTrack technology is approximately 3.06%. The result is similar to TrinaTracker’s own data of 3.28% simulated by self-developed software SEB.

The report also calculated LCOE differences between a typical single-axis tracking PV system and a PV system with SuperTrack based on the 100MW Campina, Spain demonstration project. As a result, the report states that with SuperTrack technology, project LCOE has the potential to decrease by $1.25/MWh, which is equivalent to 2.79% lower than that of the typical single-axis tracker PV project.

Dr. Sun Kai, Head of Smart Tracker Control System said “TrinaTracker is glad to see SuperTrack technology validated by independent analysis as logical, highly reliable and advanced within the industry. We will continuously make all efforts to innovate the smart tracking technology and provide the most reliable and highly value-added solution to our clients all around the world.”


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