TrinaTracker Unveils its Latest Innovation, the New Upgraded Vanguard 1P Smart Tracking Solution

Thursday, 1 February, 2024 – TrinaTracker, a leader in advanced solar tracking solutions and a division of Trina Solar Co Ltd, has launched an enhanced version of its Vanguard 1P Smart Tracking Solution in global markets via an exclusive webinar. This updated solution includes the latest version of the Vanguard 1P, combined with recent improvements to the Smart Control System, marking a significant advance in solar tracking technology.

Building on the company's rich 27-year legacy of innovation in solar technology, this solution is expertly crafted to offer customers trackers that masterfully integrate adaptability to flat terrain, exceptional system stability and reliability, quick installation and versatile external compatibility. Furthermore, it features state-of-the-art smart control systems renowned for their high reliability, performance and efficiency.



The improved Vanguard 1P model boasts a cutting-edge multi-motor system equipped with a slewing drive and a bi-damper system. Its innovative design facilitates the construction of longer trackers, up to 140 meters, while minimizing oscillation time, averting instabilities, improving dynamic response and raising the critical wind speed threshold. The multi-motor feature guarantees precise tracking under the most challenging conditions.

Compared with the standard 1P Tracker system, the upgraded Vanguard 1P greatly increases installation efficiency. The introduction of shrink tube technology has effectively halved the time needed for tube connections. Furthermore, the integration of a patented spherical bearing greatly enhances terrain adaptability, making it much easier to assemble the tracker and reducing the extra forces caused by misalignment.

In addition to these improvements, TrinaTracker places a strategic focus on expanding the digitalization and smart solution elements within its portfolio. The Smart Control System, which includes Smart Controller, Trina Smart Cloud and SuperTrack algorithm, has undergone significant refinements, adding considerable value to the overall solution.

These enhancements encompass improved operation and maintenance efficiency, along with upgraded system security within the Trina Smart Cloud. Key features are the implementation of a multi-role permission management feature for enhanced security, the introduction of innovative alerts such as motor diagnostic pre-warning, and the integration of a 3D digital map to facilitate the easy identification of alerts and faults.

Furthermore, the SuperTrack Algorithm has undergone significant advances, expanding its range of application settings while autonomously identifying, training and optimizing itself, resulting in a marked increase in energy production of up to 8%. This additional energy yield is attributed to the combined effect of its two algorithms: STA, which boosts energy generation in overcast conditions, and SBA, specifically designed to reduce row-to-row shadows in uneven terrain.

Trina Smart Controller provides various mainstream communication methods, including wireless and wired. Multiple extreme weather protection strategies, such as strong wind and heavy snow, ensure the system’s stable operation. Trina Smart Controller provides various power supply options to meet different requirements in different application settings. The unique dual-power supply design enhances system reliability by coordinating the main switch power supply with the backup battery.



Juan Manuel Gomez Garcia, Head of the TrinaTracker Competence Center in Spain, said these improvements reflect TrinaTracker’s commitment not only to improving the physical aspects of the company’s solar tracking solutions but also to the seamless integration of intelligent, digital elements, ensuring a complete and efficient user experience.

The smart control system has sustained a consistent sales record over two years, reaching total capacity of 4.9GW and extending across 16 countries. Similarly, the Vanguard 1P has enjoyed two years of robust sales, supplying more than 3.3GW and boasting global production capacity of more than 10GW, with a presence in 40 countries.

Trina will continue to put a premium on customer value, leading the industry through technological innovation and harnessing digital intelligence technology to enable customers to unlock a new era of power plant efficiency.