Trina Solar at SNEC 2021: High-efficiency modules and trackers demonstrates added value of 210mm products

On June 3-5, the fifteenth SNEC Expo, influential and international solar trade fair, was held in Shanghai, China. As a world-leading provider of integrated smart PV energy and energy IoT solutions, Trina Solar has consistently been one of the stars at the exhibition This year the Company showcased its cutting-edge technologies such as advanced 210 Vertex modules and TrinaTracker products.

High-efficiency Vertex family

At this year’s SNEC expo, Trina Solar showcased all its latest Vertex S 410W+ module, Vertex 510W backsheet module, 550W dual-glass module, 600W dual-glass module, and 670W dual-glass module.

Trina Solar’s Vertex modules (550W&600W+), using 210mm size cells, have the characteristics of high power, high efficiency and high reliability, suitable for large-scale ground mounted PV power plants and large industrial and commercial rooftop projects. Single-string power is up to 34% higher than that of traditional modules. The global orders for 210 modules have exceeded 12GW by April, demonstrating the strong trend towards 600W+ modules.

To accelerate the application of the advanced 210mm technology, the company published the “Trina Solar 210 Vertex Module White Paper 2.0” and gave an illustration speech of the white paper at SNEC from a systematic and comprehensive perspective, analyzing every aspect of the 210mm Vertex module in terms of reliability, logistics optimization, compatibility design, customer value and future prospects.

The whole family of Trina Solar’s latest high-efficiency products shown at the expo have greatly attracted the audience and made Trina’s showcase a hotspot.

Star products for rooftops: 410W+ Vertex S and 510W+ Vertex modules

Among all the high-efficiency modules at the show, another highlight that has gained much attention and focus are two star products for rooftop application, the 410W+ Vertex S and the 510W+ Vertex modules.

Compared to the conventional residential-use modules on the market, Trina’s Vertex S is smaller and lighter, yet with an impressive 410W high power output. It also features high reliability, high efficiency, flexible installation, good system compatibility, transportation convenience and sustainability.

Trina Solar’s Vertex 510W modules have additional advantages in cost reduction and efficiency increase. Calculations show that for the same surface area, the Vertex 510W modules increase installed capacity by 11% compared with competitors’ 450W modules.

According to the latest available figures, global orders for Trina Solar’s rooftop modules have exceeded 2GW. A huge volume of Vertex S modules have been shipped to Europe, South America and other major regions.

TrinaTracker, the intelligent tracking system showcased at SNEC

As a key component of Trina Solar’s PV solution, TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P was exhibited at SNEC 2021, receiving growing interest from the market. At the booth, product specialist Mr. Tang provided detailed presentations about TrinaTracker’s strong technical basis, product advantages, complete supply chain and module-tracker integration, with a conclusion of four key advantages of TrinaTracker: high reliability, increased power generation, low O&M costs and easier overall solutions.

210 technology proves its great potential in i-TOPCon and HJT modules

Trina Solar also exhibited the next generation of i-TOPCon and HJT modules, based on 210mm technology. The i-TOPCon module possesses a maximum power output of 700W+, with an efficiency of 22.3%. At the expo, Trina Solar has also shown its HJT module, exceeding 710W, with its efficiency rising to 22.87%, the highest efficiency among its peers. Both advanced technologies well demonstrate the Company’s strategic layout and leading positon. As an advanced technology platform, 210 has a high potential while being compatible with different cell technologies on the future roadmap.

As a world-leading provider of integrated smart PV energy and energy IoT solutions, Trina Solar will make continuous efforts on technology innovation, providing products with leading technology of high efficiency, reliability and quality.


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