Trina Solar believes that every step of progress depends on the cooperation with, and support of the entire supply chain. A healthy and stable supply chain is the key to sustainable development of Trina Solar. We integrate sustainable development into procurement business and process, and take it as the basic line of choosing supplier. We not only actively fulfill our social responsibilities, but also urge our global suppliers and partners to shoulder their social responsibilities as well, so as to lead the whole PV industry to a sustainable future.

Trina Solar highly focuses on conflict minerals and work diligently with suppliers to promote sustainable development by way of ethical sourcing.

‘Conflict minerals’ refer to metallic minerals, such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold and cobalt that were exploited, this produces serious problems regarding human and environmental rights during exploit and sales. Trina Solar has put its policy, systems and processes in place to ensure that its supply chains are conflict-free.

Trina Solar has proactively taken actions:
• Formulate formal conflict mineral management policy;
• Establish management system and conduct conflict mineral survey for supply chain;
• Organize conflict mineral training for key suppliers;
• Inquire all suppliers to sign formal agreement to promise no conflict mineral in their products, and deliver the requirement to downstream suppliers.

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