Trina Solar's position as a global leader of one-stop solar solutions proves important as it readies itself for impact following China's abrupt removal of solar subsidies last month. 

The removal could trigger falls of as much as a third in panel prices. However, as a world leader in product scale and market share of PV components, Trina continues to be well poised for growth in markets worldwide. In 2017, Trina served more than 500 customers and partners in more than 100 countries around the world, with cumulative shipments of components exceeding 32 gigawatts (GW), ranking 1st by volume globally. 

Any drop in price is also likely going to be eased by surging demand in other countries, such as India, where falling module prices will spur the market. This means that the brunt of the cut will be felt mainly by tier-two producers who have had little success internationalizing their businesses.

Besides China and India, Australia is also a promising market for PV products with sales likely to be 400-500 MW this year. Trina estimates its share of the Australian market - its third largest in the Asia-Pacific behind China and India to continue its positive growth. 

With a clear brand direction of empowering a world of solar for solar, Trina’s business model has long evolved beyond sales of PV modules to develop customer-centric PV solutions that offer greater value. 

Illustrating this, Yin Rongfang, President of global sales for Trina explained, “Expansion beyond module production is essential for solar firms to keep expanding. With falling prices and increasing demand for green energy, Trina solar is poised to take on some great opportunities here by offering customers additional services, such as bundling with storage, energy efficiency and management, and pre-assembly of power plants that businesses are increasingly after. “

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