Trinahome System Installed in Tamil Nadu, India

Project Background

With the successful installation of solar panels for his commercial projects, the client sought to replicate the success of the project with his residence in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu.

With a current consumption rate of 15,000 units a year at 0.10 USD/unit, reducing the cost of utilities was a problem that required a stable and efficient answer. 

Trina Solar worked with installers and distributors to come up with a strategy and plan to tailor fit the situation.

Based on current consumption habits and the size of the roof, the team decided on a 10 KWp system with a flat roof mounting system. 

Project Outcome

The rooftop solar system consisted of 28 Multicrystalline-PD05 solar panels covering an area of 102 square meters, and a single TS-10K2TG inverter. 

Installation for the first 7 KW modules was completed in a week with the other 3 KW to be added at a later date.

The client was also happy to observe that the system managed to produce 35 units a day and was estimated to go as high as 50 units on particularly sunny days. 

On average, the system is expected to generate about 9,000 or 13,000 units annually, thus generating an annual earning of USD 1272, on top of saving the client close to USD 880.

Why Trinahome?

One complete solution
It is a complete solution containing every component you need to get you set up and started quickly. Begin enjoying a solar powered home as soon as the package is delivered and set up. It is easy to install and ready to go.

Safe, reliable and high-efficiency
All key components have been qualified by Trina Solar under strict supervision to meet today's rigorous quality standards and process controls. Our modules have passed more than 200 reliability tests, that is why we have a guarantee on our system for 5 years right out of the box.

Flexible design to fit all rooftops
Trina Solar’s modular design makes it easy to match different roof shapes, even if you need to place your panels in different locations. We are here to make the installation as easy as possible.

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