The global photovoltaics and smart energy total solutions provider Trina Solar has unveiled its 600W+ Vertex Module Integrated Delivery Solution globally, clearing the way for its application with 210 ultra-high power modules. This highly reliable solution significantly increases loading power and maritime freight efficiency remarkably, cuts maritime freight costs, and cuts down CO2 from ocean transport by up to 8%. The innovative 600W+ package solution is especially conducive to the optimal system value of large-scale ground power plants.


Increase 10% transportation capacity, cut down CO2 by up to 8%

With the highest power of Vertex series exceeding 670W, Trina Solar leads the industry into the PV 6.0 era. The packing and transportation solutions of the 600W+ cutting-edge module are critical to system value, since a module needs to undergo packaging, transport, storage, secondary transfer and unpacking before reaching the installation site.

Innovative vertical packing


Overseas shipments are generally transported in containers. With that in mind, Trina Solar developed its innovative vertical packing solution, overcoming the module width limit of 1.135m. Dr. Zhang Yingbin, Trina Solar’s head of product strategy and marketing, said, compared with conventional horizontal packing, the new solution can increase loading power by 10% and space utilization by 5%, maximizing the use of containers. At a time of rising shipping costs, this solution, for instance, saves 0.3 cents per watt on maritime freight costs, assuming that a container is fully loaded with 558 modules and each module is 660W, calculated at the current mainstream price of $10,000 per container. The savings could vary due to port freight price.

Meanwhile, the CO2 emissions from ocean transport can be cut down by up to 4~8%. Taking the trip from Shanghai Port, China, to Rotterdam Port, Europe, as an example, the Vertex 660W module’s CO2 emission will be about 75kg lower per container; the CO2 emission can be 2000 tons less every 10GW.


Proven performance in extreme conditions: safe and reliable as ever

The vertical packing method has passed the International Safe Transport Association (ISTA) 3E international packaging test, Dr. Zhang said. ISTA is the international authority and is dedicated to the development, design and efficiency of global transport packing. When a package design is tested, it ensures that the products are being effectively protected during transport and will not be exposed to foreseeable harmful elements.

China General Certifications, a third-party agency, has also conducted specialized wind tunnel tests. The results verify that the innovative vertical placement is as safe and reliable as traditional packing in unloading, storage and unpacking in the project site under extreme conditions. It has also passed the empirical test.

The wind tunnel tests conducted by China General Certification, simulating a harsh storage environment at the project location, placed the vertical package on a flat surface at an angle of 5° to the ground and tested its stability in a wind tunnel. The result was that it withstood a Beaufort scale grade-12 hurricane.

The other wind tunnel test proved reliability during unpacking operations in extreme conditions. The stand supporter was positioned on the windward side, and 10 modules were separately placed traditionally and vertically on it. The wind blew against the back of the modules during the test from the stand supporter side. Modules laid either way passed the force 6 wind test. Normally, modules should be placed upwind during unpacking, and stand supporters should be placed on the leeward side.


600W+ modules provide higher value for large power plants

The 600W+ Vertex Integrated Delivery Solution also takes into account other processes including logistics, storage and shipping. It upgrades operating procedures and standard, convenient and recyclable unpacking tools, which can be assembled within two minutes.

The Qinghai Da Qaidam 112MW PV power plant


Over the past year, the 600W+ Vertex modules have proven to be highly reliable and adaptable. Plants equipped with 600W+ modules can be found worldwide, including in the 850 MW super large project in Brazil and the 112MW PV agricultural project in Da Chaidan in Qinghai, northwestern China. Trina Solar supplies products throughout China, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Vietnam and elsewhere, flexibly adapting its products to a variety of application scenarios such as flat terrain, mountainous terrain, agricultural land and fisheries.

Trina Solar exerts all its energies in innovative technologies and products that promote photovoltaics and the new energy industry development.

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