Product Feature: TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P

TrinaTracker specializes in the design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of fixed tilts and solar trackers. With more than 5 GW developed worldwide, the company has offices on five continents and has more than 300 projects carried out.

TrinaTracker is thus the perfect partner for large-scale solar projects. TrinaTrackers offer flexible solutions adapted to the client’s needs. We offer customized services and the widest portfolio of products across the entire value chain. The highly qualified team and state-of-the-art R&D department offer responsive support to our clients’ needs.

TrinaTracker has a worldwide reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable solutions. TrinaTracker’s in-house production facility and worldwide supply chain network offer the highest quality with reduced lead times ensuring the best client support.


Featured Product: Vanguard 2P

1. Product Introduction:

TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 2P is a 2 in portrait (2P) independent tracker with very high flexibility to suit different complex terrains. It reduces piles by 45% thus remarkably diminishing construction costs and difficulty.

Vanguard 2P is equipped with a wireless communicator for the effective implementation of extreme weather protection. SCADA system enables Vanguard 2P to perform system monitoring, early warning, smart diagnosis, and troubleshooting facilitating cost reduction and increase in the energy output.

Vanguard 2P thus increases reliability and reduces O&M costs significantly.

2. Technology Specifications

TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 2P is an ultra-advanced tracker which delivers optimized performance for large-scale solar projects.

The extraordinary features of Vanguard 2P are:

  • Extremely Compatible with Larger Modules
    Vanguard 2P is compatible with modules up to 670W+. The tracker is designed such that it helps to reduce LCOE by 2.4%~4.5% with larger modules.
  • Upgraded Multidrive System
    Vanguard 2P is equipped with an upgraded multidrive system that helps in better wind tolerance, high adaptability, and synchronization. This system is adopted to effectively reduce torsional loads from buffeting. Therefore, the upgraded multidrive system greatly improves the stability of the system.
  • Innovative SuperTrack Technology
    The smart algorithm of the tracking system optimizes tracking angle (up to 30% angle adjustability) according to the real-time weather and actual terrain conditions (optimized terrain adaptability up to 15% N/S). This leads to an increase in receiving radiation and a reduction in shading loss. A total tracking yield gain of up to 8% can be derived!

    Vanguard 2P is thus the best for challenging sites such as irregular layout, undulated terrain, and high wind regions.
  • More Modules Per Tracker
    Vanguard 2P is designed with a two-in-portrait configuration, with up to 4 strings of 1500V system per row. A total of up to 120 modules per tracker can be accommodated.
  • Fewer Piles Per MW
    The standard configuration is 7 piles per row (standard configuration), the number of piles per MW has thus been optimized in Vanguard 2P. Up to 45% fewer piles!
  • Optimized Bearing Design
    The global patented spherical bearings offer up to 30% angle adjustability. They alleviate the damage caused by uneven foundation settlement during operation, and also release the extra stress caused by the deformation of the tracker system, which leads to a significant reduction in the load and failure rate of each component.
  • Wind Tunnel Tested by RWDI
    TrinaTracker collaborated with prestigious agency RWDI to conduct a series of wind tunnel tests for continuous tracker design improvement. The optimized components and reinforced structure guarantee lower failure risk and better system stability.


3. Technology Advancements

TrinaTracker has achieved a considerable reduction in the failure rates by upgrading its previous 2P model with a new tracker design in Vanguard 2P that incorporates a smaller number of components.

This means that the upgraded Vanguard 2P requires fewer maintenance activities, lower O&M expenditure, and lower power loss!

  1. Each Vanguard 2P tracker can handle 0.062 MW (+101%) compared to 0.031 MW installed in the previous 2P series.
  2. 17 Vanguard 2P trackers are enough to complete 1 MW (-50%), compared with 33 previous model 2P trackers required to complete the same capacity.
  3. Tracker weight was reduced (-16%) per MW, from the previous 2P model (≈ 59.60 ton) to Vanguard 2P (≈ 49.60 ton).
  4. The reduction of critical tracker components per MW is:
    • Bearings (-49%)
    • Motors (-50%)
  5. There is a 26% decrease in the bolted joints per MW (which are potential failure points) in the new Vanguard 2P.
  6. Vanguard 2P design is compatible with large-format modules 670W+. Therefore, less number of modules are needed for the same installed capacity.
  7. Hence, Vanguard 2P leads to a remarkable increase in reliability and reduction in the O&M costs. The estimated O&M cost reduction achieved with TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P with regard to the previous 2P tracker model, is 33%!


4. Vanguard 2P Suits Any & Every Terrain and Weather Condition

Vanguard 2P can withstand extreme weather conditions like severe wind and heavy snow scenarios. Vanguard 2P trackers perform exceptionally well even in harsh environments such as hot and humid places, chilly regions, and corrosive areas. Time and again, the Vanguard 2P trackers have proved to be reliable under high wind speed, hailstorms, heavy snow, rugged and mountainous terrains, in the most humid climes, and even in deserts.

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