With over 15,000 Trinahome units installed in China last year, Trina Solar is further expanding their offerings in the Asia Pacific region with Trinahome in Sri Lanka. 
The partnership with JLanka Technologies will push both companies to the forefront of the PV industry in Sri Lanka with Trinahome providing state of the art PV products and JLanka Technology's local expertise and resources. 
Trinahome aims to leverage on Sri Lanka's growing demand for PV products by providing future owners with everything they need to power their homes with solar energy. 

The product will also address issues many homeowners face, like sourcing parts from multiple vendors, by consolidating all the required equipment into a single product. The installation and customer service will be provided by JLanka Technologies for more efficient operations and better service. 
Ms. Daphne Chee Chin Yee, the Trinahome Business Lead for Asia Pacific and the Middle East said: "While the market size and accessibility to the source were key reasons why we approached countries such as India and Australia, Sri Lanka was a country that showed major progress in terms of solar policies." She also added that working with local partners like JLanka Technologies was important to understand the local demands and landscape.
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