Important Notice: Unauthorized Sales of Trina Solar Products in Thailand and Myanmar

Trina Solar has become aware of unauthorized distributors and dealers in Thailand and Myanmar selling solar modules under the Trina Solar brand. We strongly caution against purchasing Trina Solar products, including solar modules, from these unauthorized channels. Please note that products bought from unauthorized distributors or dealers are not covered by Trina Solar's product warranties.

At Trina Solar, we uphold stringent quality standards throughout our manufacturing, storage, transportation, and installation processes as part of our commitment to delivering reliable products. For any inquiries regarding your previous or forthcoming module purchases, our dedicated sales team stands ready to assist you. Reach out to them at

Your attention to this matter is invaluable to us, enabling us to sustain our delivery of world-leading solar products and unmatched service to enhance your overall experience.

Thank you for choosing Trina Solar.