KEMCO Certifies Trina Solar Vertex Modules, Which Are Now Being Promoted at Korea’s International Green Energy Expo and Conference

Trina Solar’s high power Vertex modules have completed Korea Energy Agency (KEMCO) certification and are ready to be supplied to South Korea, creating a new era in South Korea’s transformation as a global leader in renewable energy.

The Vertex 19 series is Trina Solar’s flagship product for various installation scenarios. It includes the Vertex mono-facial module DE19(II) and bifacial double-glass module DEG19C.20(II). In the Vertex 20 series, which is ideal for utility-scale projects, there is the mono-facial module DE20(II) and bifacial double-glass module DEG20C.20(II).

Both the 19-series and 20-series modules have been certified by KEMCO for sale in South Korea.

The modules branded Vertex are unique because they incorporate larger solar cells, 210mm in diameter, which are now the new global industry standard. Earlier generation solar modules use solar cells that are smaller.

Trina Solar is the first company to receive KEMCO certification for modules that incorporate solar cells that are 210mm in diameter. Trina Solar is a world-leading PV and smart energy total solution provider and the pioneer of many solar technologies, such as adoption of 210mm diameter solar cells.

The benefit of larger solar cells is each panel needs a fewer number of cells, whilst still delivering more power. Fewer number of cells means each panel has a lower voltage, leading to additional balance of system (BOS) cost savings. For example, there can be more – up to to 40 – modules per string.

Vertex modules also integrate other leading technologies to maximize power output, such as: multi-busbar technology; high density encapsulation technology, to minimize the space between each cell; and cells that are split using non-destructive cutting technology. Non-destructive cutting is done at very low temperature, resulting in a smooth cut.

Trina Solar president for Asia Pacific, Todd Li, says: “We are showcasing our KEMCO certified Vertex modules at the International Green Energy Expo & Conference.”

He says: “The response from Korean customers at the show to the new Vertex modules has been very positive. Our modules, including those with KEMCO certification, have passed through international certification, such as TÜV Rheinland. We are happy to showcase our latest products and technologies at this important Expo to our Korean customers and partners.”

“South Korea is a mature and sophisticated market where buyers value new technology and high-performance. Everyone is working to maximize power output to achieve a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Vertex modules deliver to South Korea a lower LCOE and additional BOS cost savings,” he adds.


(Picture: Trina Solar’s Vertex series of modules attracting visitors’ attention during the opening of the 2021 International Green Energy Expo & Conference)