Warning Of Infringement To Trina Solar Trademark in the Philippines

It has come to the attention of Trina Solar, the global leader in total solar energy solutions, that another company in the Philippines has been using the Trina Solar trademark on its website, social media platforms and marketing materials without Trina Solar’s approval.

The unauthorized use of the Trina Solar trademark is a clear breach and infringement of Trina Solar’s registered trademark under the Philippine Intellectual Property Code and Regulations.

Trina Solar’s lawyers have notified the parties in question to have them stop using the Trina Solar trademark, as it is false and misleading.

This is because the use of the Trina Solar trademark is likely to mislead Philippines consumers into thinking the company in question is representing and acting on behalf of Trina Solar.

Trina Solar considers this a serious matter and is issuing this public statement to notify the public of this issue. If members of the public wish to verify whether an installer or dealer is an authorized representative of Trina Solar, they can contact Trina Solar directly via email apmea@trinasolar.com or telephone +63 (02)689-7186.