One of the Largest Scale Solar Sharing Plants in Japan by Trina Solar
Begins Operations At The Foot of Mt. Fuji

(Tokyo, Japan June 7 2017) Trina Solar Japan Limited ("Trina Solar") announced that “Gotemba 1 Power Plant” and “Gotemba 2 solar power plant”, owned by BCPG Japan Corporation at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Gotemba city in Shizuoka prefecture, commenced commercial operations on April 16, 2018. This is one of the largest solar sharing plants in Japan with a combined power generation capacity of 4.4MW (DC): equivalent to the power consumption of 1,100 households (estimated).  

The power generated by the solar sharing plants will be used for both agriculture and power generation purposes in the Gotemba city area. A total of 13,176 pieces of Trina Solar’s half-cut-cell modules “SPLITMAX” were installed on the fallow 67,585 m² farmland, owned by 63 individuals.

All generated electricity will be sold to TEPCO using the Fit in Tariff (FIT) system. “HiSakaki”, a traditional and native farm crop used in shrines and traditional Buddhist rites, was also part of the 13,000 seedlings planted under the solar panels. These crops will be harvested and shipped in approximately 3 years. 

About Trina Solar
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