Trina Pro Wins Bid in Tong Chuan

Trina Solar has been shortlisted by Tongchuan Development and Reform Commission as one of companies to lead the “Tongchuan Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology Leading Base” in Tongchuan City, successfully winning the bid for a 250 MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Tongchuan Village, Xuzhuang Village – Yaosheng Village- Bazhangyuan Village Site.

The project utilizes TrinaPro, the smart photovoltaic solution that supports hardware integration conversion efficiency of 20.67%. With the combination of Trina Solar’s N-type PERT double glass double-sided 335Wp monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic module and Nclave’s quality tracking bracket and industry-leading inverter, this is the world’s first and most well configured TrinaPro project.

Located in Xuzhuang Village, Yusheng Village and Bazhang Village of Yijun County, the Tongchuan Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology Leading Base will be installed with a capacity of 250MW spanning​​ 9,559 acres. The integrated project includes the construction of photovoltaic power stations and 110kV booster stations, thereby facilitating composite agriculture and ecological sightseeing. Ultimately, the cutting edge photovoltaic agricultural project fulfils four main objectives: power generation, sightseeing, technology showcase and poverty alleviation.

TrinaPro is a smart photovoltaic solution launched by Trina Solar in March 2018 for the global market. Developed for large power plants, the solution covers applications suitable for both land and sea. It provides an end-to-end solution by combining integrated product design (both hardware and software), integration and installation services and an intelligent operative and maintenance system. By achieving the optimum system configuration, the integrated solution will provide owners and developers with a highly reliable system coupled with secure high power generation yields.

As the world's leading provider of integrated solar energy solutions, Trina Solar provides a one-stop integrated system solution for development, financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance. The company is dedicated to “using solar energy for the benefit of all mankind” and leading the new era of China's Energy Internet of Things.