New year success: TrinaTracker supplies 210MW PV project in Brazil

TrinaTracker has completed supplying a 210MW PV project in Brazil with a complete set of smart tracking solutions including the cutting-edge Vanguard 1P tracker, a self-learning artificial intelligence system, SuperTrack, and the digital tracker-level SCADA platform Trina Smart Cloud.

The project, developed by POWERCHINA, is located in Mauriti, a municipality in the northern state of Ceará. Despite its vast land area and abundant natural resources, the population is sparse, indicating untapped potential for development. Upon completion and commissioning, the project is expected to create more than 2,000 jobs and generate cumulative economic growth valued at $140 million. The project has received considerable attention and has been warmly welcomed by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, state and local governments and the local community.

TrinaTracker's three-in-one smart tracking solution, comprising hardware, software and a service platform, is highly popular in the region because of its excellent performance in significantly increasing the overall energy yield of power stations and construction efficiency.

TrinaTracker has a smart tracker manufacturing facility in Brazil and full regional service teams, ensuring high-quality and local manufacturing capabilities, as well as efficient and accurate delivery and services. TrinaTracker’s pre-sales, sales and R&D teams collaborated to optimize the scheme in response to the customer’s request for customized design. Because of the flood-prone nature of the project site, TrinaTracker proposed an automatic flood protection solution that balances safety and cost-effectiveness.

Brazil, one of the world’s sunniest countries, is the most promising PV market in Latin America and the Caribbean region because of the fast-growing demand for installed PV capacity, driven by a range of incentives and local policies. TrinaTracker is a business unit of TrinaSolar, a leader in the PV industry for 27 years and recognized as one of the top five leading tracker suppliers in the region.

The Brazilian project order once again highlights the strong reputation of the TrinaTracker brand in Latin America. TrinaTracker will continue to forge ahead with more partnerships to promote the global transition to clean energy.