Vertex N 625W


  • Feature

    132 Cell


  • Feature

    590 – 625W

    Power Outage Range

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    Maximum Efficiency

  • Feature

    0 ~ +5W

    Positive Power Tolerance

Groundbreaking 210R brings differentiation

The medium-format N-type series modules adopt 210R rectangular silicon wafer design.

210R technology not only breaks through the bottleneck of conventional medium-sized module power being unable to exceed 600W but also possesses higher system value.

“Golden size” design enables nearly 99% container space utilization rate

With golden sized dimensions of 2382mm by 1134mm, the medium-format N-type series modules allow for a 40HC container space use of nearly 99%, which currently boasts the highest container space utilization rate, significantly reducing logistics.

The optimal partner for tracker

The medium-format N-type series modules, with its advantages of low voltage and high compatibility, perfectly utilizes the length of conventional tracker. Compared to the previous generation of medium-sized products in the industry, the installed capacity of the single-row tracker has increased by 13%. This configuration results in higher string power, making Vertex N 625W module an optimal partner for tracker.