Vertex N 720W


  • Feature

    132 Cell


  • Feature

    695 - 720W

    Power Output Range

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    Maximum Efficiency

  • Feature

    0 ~ +5W

    Positive Power Tolerance

720W ultra-high power with 23.2% high efficiency

With the upgrade of n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, the large-format Vertex N module has undergone a dual upgrade in both power and efficiency, marking a breakthrough in mass-produced module power and module efficiency, now reaching 720W in power and 23.2% in efficiency.

High power and low voltage design maximizes reduction in BOS & LCOE

The large-format Vertex N series modules, featuring a high power and low voltage design, serve to minimize both the balance of system cost and the LCOE, which highlights the exceptional advantages of the 210N large-sized modules in utility-scale solar projects.

Time-proven reliability

The large-format Vertex N series modules have been honored with the RETC Module Manufacturing 'Overall Highest Achiever' award, recognizing its exceptional product reliability, outstanding power generation performance, and superior product quality.