We're excited to be showcasing our comprehensive, integrated Battery Energy Storage Solutions to the UK market for the very first time following a pivotal period of growth in the market with several storage projects under construction and more in the pipeline.

This year, you'll be able to take a deeper look at Elementa, our industry-leading BESS, alongside Trina's vertically integrated LFP cells and our cutting-edge energy management (E²MS) that is reshaping the operational framework of grid-scale solutions.



How to find us

Location: The NEC, Birmingham, UK

Date: October 17–19, 2023

Booth: M5
Website: www.terrapinn.com

Visit Booth M5, where you'll have a chance to take an in-depth look at our industry-leading Elementa solution: the high efficiency, standalone utility-scale BESS for ultra-fast grid services with support from our engineers who help deliver pathbreaking solutions for our clients. Hear from our energy storage experts with insightful presentations and book a meeting with our local sales and engineering teams who will assist from consultancy all the way through to project engineering and execution.


Integrated storage solutions

Trina Storage's focus this year extends beyond products to encompass fully integrated solutions for clients who require class-leading smart storage solutions with advantageous returns on investment with a trusted, bankable partner.

  • Vertically integrated solutions that range from the battery cells to the final system with everything being of Tier-1 quality.
  • Local expertise that involves presales consultancy, project engineering, execution, and localised support for customers.
  • Unparalleled integration capability that's been enhanced by strong supply chain, risk management, and a trusted bankable backing.



E2MS: Excellence in energy management

Discover our software-hardware integrated EMS this year.

We invite you to experience the impressive power of E²MS at Solar & Storage Live 2023. Trina Storage's EMS brings a best-in-class value proposition to the market, offering a multitude of benefits that can transform the energy landscape, including:

  • Optimised integration
    Seamlessly designed to unlock the full potential of the Elementa BESS, E²MS's integrated approach not only optimises the BESS but also extends its reach to power plant resources such as PCSs, transformers, substations, and renewable resources.
  • Cost-effectiveness redefined
    At the heart of Trina Storage's EMS is a commitment to cost-effectiveness. By maximising the optimization of storage systems and assets, the EMS streamlines operations to minimise operating costs.
  • Enhanced accessibility
    Accessibility forms a cornerstone of E²MS. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, this system simplifies the entire project lifecycle. From commissioning and operation to maintenance, users can navigate the system with ease, reducing efforts and minimising the learning curve.



At the core of Trina Storage's E²MS lies a strategic approach to project management that underpins its efficiency and effectiveness when you need it most.

  • Precision from the outset
  • Swift launch capabilities
  • Continuous system improvement
  • Future-proofed investment


Visit Trina at Solar & Storage Live 2023

Solar & Storage Live 2023 is a pivotal event for us, representing our convergence of global innovation with local technological support. Discover the next significant advancement in renewable energy storage with Trina, and as we lay the groundwork for a stable and sustainable climate, we invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us.

Join us for the energy storage revolution.

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