Integrated supply of "Trina Solar 210 Vertex + TrinaTracker" supports building 400MW solar plant with enhanced system value

Recently, 400MW agricultural photovoltaic solar plant in Nangong, Hebei Province in China under construction is more than halfway. The project adopts Trina Solar's 210 Vertex 550W series modules and TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P trackers to further increase the power generation and reduce the LCOE through the integrated advantages of "modules + trackers".

As one of the few solar companies in the industry with the ability to supply "modules + trackers", Trina Solar provides integrated solution for power plants, eliminating the pain point of incompatibility and separation between modules and trackers, resulting in no guarantee of product compatibility, high system loss, and difficulty in solving problems, which has long been a problem for customers.

With the core strengths of high reliability, more yield gain, low O&M (operation & maintenance) costs and unified contact channel (modules and trackers), benefiting by the integrated advantages of "modules + trackers", Trina Solar has won the bid successfully.

Vertex Module plus TrinaTracker form core components of Trina Solar's overall smart energy solutions. Based on large-size 210mm silicon wafers, the 210 Vertex module achieves the low voltage and high power with innovative non-destructive cutting and high-density cell interconnection technology, thus the module power gets up to 670W with an efficiency of 21.6%, the single string power gets 40% higher.

The new-generation TrinaTracker uses the intelligent tracking algorithm “SuperTrack” independently developed by Trina Solar which combines bifacial enhancement with intelligent backtracking, allowing high yield generation even with diffuse and indirect radiation. SuperTrack can increase energy production up to 8% over the traditional astronomical algorithm. 

The independent single-row Vanguard 2P tracker is fully compatible with 210 modules up to 670W. In addition, TrinaTracker’s patented spherical bearing contributes to reducing extra pressure and component failures due to system deformation. TrinaTracker’s robust torque tube and multi-drive system provide stability under the extreme wind conditions. In terms of investment, TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P optimized design structure cuts down the number of piles, resulting in reduced BOS cost and installation time. 

Besides, TrinaTracker’s high-quality components and preventive maintenance reduce the number of O&M activities required during the lifetime of the installation allowing a low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).

"According to the actual local insolation conditions and past data, the equivalent power generation hours over last three years is less than 1,250 when using the conventional solution. while upgrading into the Trina Solar's bifacial dual-glass 210 Vertex modules, the number of hours is expected to increase to no less than 1,350, and plus TrinaTracker, it can be increased by another 9% to about 1,471 hours. This significantly improves the owner's profitability." Wu Tengfei, the head of this project in Trina Solar China, said.

In a word, the "strongest combination" of Trina Solar's Vertex modules and TrinaTracker with state-of-the-art design will further help power plants increase power generation and lower its LCOE.