Integrated Trinasolar Vertex N 720W series modules and Vanguard 1P trackers power Colombia

The installation of a 23MW power station with Vertex N 720W series modules and Vanguard 1P trackers provided by Trinasolar has been completed in Baranoa, Atlántico, Colombia. Once the plant is completed it will generate about 43 million kWh of clean energy a year, benefiting about 25,000 households.


The Baranoa plant (Source: PowerChina Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited)


The project site is blessed with abundant sunlight, receiving up to 12 hours of it a day, and solar radiation of 1,981 kWh/m2 a year, making it an ideal location for harnessing solar energy resources.

Cao Yunduan, head of branding and marketing at Trinasolar, said: “Trinasolar is the only solar module manufacturer that provides an integrative solution of smart trackers and energy storage. The integrated 210mm modules and tracker solution optimizes energy yield, even under low-light, overcast weather and challenging terrain conditions. We are delighted that it has been applied across various countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and Europe and become enormously popular with global customers.”

Trinasolar's Vertex N 720W series modules, with their advantages in ultra-low degradation, low voltage and high string power, are endowed with high energy yield, high efficiency, high reliability, high performance and low LCOE, and are renowned as leaders among ground-mounted power stations. In an assessment conducted earlier, Vertex N 720W series modules were shown to reduce LCOE by 1.79% compared with 182-72 reference modules. This proprietary 210mm n-type i-TOPCon module has achieved a maximum power output of 740.6W, setting a new world record in April.

Trinasolar's Vanguard 1P is ideal for PV projects on flat terrain, offering superior stability and adaptability in challenging wind conditions. Developed through wind tunnel tests, CFD technology and extensive design refinement, it features spherical bearings, a Trina Clamp, and a reduced pile foundation. This design ensures heightened reliability, increased energy yield and reduced project investment. Capable of withstanding loads over 2,400 Pa, it pairs perfectly with the Vertex N 700W+ module. The integration of Vertex N 720W series modules and Vanguard 1P solar trackers enables the construction of high-quality power stations, benefiting local users with improved efficiency and reliability.

With 27 years’ experience in the PV industry, Trinasolar is commited to maximizing customer value through outstanding products and top-notch services. Trinasolar will continue to lead the industry with its cutting-edge technology, injecting fresh impetus into sustainable development efforts and facilitating the global transition to clean energy.