Multiple Trina Solar’s 670W projects connected to the grid in Japan thanks to innovative delivery solution

Recently in Japan, projects featuring Trina Solars 210mm Vertex 670W ultra-high power modules have been delivered and connected to the grid in Miyazaki , proving yet again that with the launch of the 600W+ Vertex Module Integrated Delivery Solution, the 600W+ Vertex modules, whether in horizontal or vertical packaging, can be delivered to customers safely, securely and reliably.

  Both projects are all located in the town of Kawa-Minami, Miyazaki Prefecture in southern Japan, which enjoys 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, and has winters unaffected by monsoons. In fact, the area enjoys a spring-like warmth all year round thanks to the influence of the warm Pacific current, something that also provides ideal conditions for generating photovoltaic power.

After thoroughly comparing various solutions, the customer chose Trina Solar's 670W Vertex series of ultra-high power modules. These modules were packaged, transported, stored, transferred and unpacked before reaching the project site. An integrated delivery solution is vital to ensure the safety, which Trina Soar had given full consideration to before delivery to the customer.

Trina Solars innovated vertical packaging solution was used for all modules shipped to Japan this batch, which, compared with conventional horizontal packing, can increase capacity by 10% and container space use by 5%. In the context of rising sea freight costs, this solution effectively brings down transport costs, bringing maximum value and benefits to the customer.

Trina Solar also provided the customer with an upgraded version of their standardized unpacking tools with workflow instructions. The unpacking tool is made of the strongest, recyclable steel, can be assembled in just two minutes.

Over and above producing the worlds best solar energy solutions, Trina Solar continues the commitment to give its customers first-class value and first-class service.