Trina Solar 210 Vertex modules provides backbone for 60MWp solar farm in Singapore, one of world’s largest inland floating solar PV systems

Changzhou, China, July XX – The 60 MWp Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm at Singapore’s Tengeh Reservoir fitted with 122,000 Trina Solar 210 Vertex dual-glass modules, has officially opened in July 2021. Owned by Sembcorp Floating Solar Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Industries, the Farm is a global showcase of excellent operational performance, innovation and reliability in floating solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Construction of the project began in August last year.

(Image: Sembcorp Industries)

The Farm is expected to be in commercial operation for the next 25 years and it is Singapore’s first large-scale inland floating solar farm, and one of the world’s largest. At 60MWp, the floating solar PV system will generate enough energy to offset about 32 kilotonnes of carbon emissions annually, the same as taking 7,000 cars off the roads. Commissioned by Singapore’s national water agency, the Public Utilities Board (PUB), the commencement of the solar farm’s operations marks a significant step towards enduring energy sustainability in water treatment, making Singapore one of the few countries in the world to have a 100% green waterworks system.

(Image: Sembcorp Industries)

The floating solar PV system has very strict requirements on component functionality, safety and reliability in a water environment. Based on Singapore’s climate and its strict environmental protection policies, in order to maximize energy generation, minimize environmental and water quality impact, every component of the system was carefully designed. Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex dual glass module was selected for this floating project with its high power generation and reliability in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex modules are manufactured based on a 210mm large silicon wafer and have advantages such as high power capacity, high efficiency, high reliability and high power generation. Because the system is based on Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex modules it needs fewer panels even as it generates more power than other systems. It thus needs a smaller water surface than would otherwise be the case. Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex modules are fully certified for their reliability and can help save construction costs of 0.04-0.07 CNY per watt, compared with 166 modules.

(Image: Sembcorp Industries)

“The application of Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex modules in Singapore’s floating project has produced a highly successful showcase,” said Zhao Lei, project leader for Trina Solar in the China region. “With the Singapore project now in operation, more and more other markets will no doubt become aware of the quality of Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex modules, thus considerably reinforcing our reputation overseas.”

Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex modules, which come with a mission of “Solar energy for all” will continue to play a significant role in helping the world achieve a carbon-zero future.