Trina Solar and Aquila Clean Energy sign framework agreement for the supply of 800MW of solar modules for projects in Southern Europe
The modules will cover part of the demand of Aquila Clean Energy EMEA's projects under development through 2023 and 2024

Trina Solar, a global leader in smart solar energy solutions for a net-zero future, and Aquila Clean Energy EMEA, Aquila Group’s clean energy development platform in Europe, have signed a framework agreement for the supply of 800MW of photovoltaic modules for part of Aquila Clean Energy's portfolio in Southern Europe.



The agreement covers several projects which are part of the portfolio that Aquila Clean Energy is currently developing in Southern Europe. These projects, due for delivery in 2023 and 2024, will feature innovative and efficient module technologies from Trina Solar.  

This alliance, which is an important agreement in the utility-scale PV market, will open the way for future opportunities for more extensive collaborations, including potential for an expansion of volume, new technologies such as batteries by Trina Storage or the TrinaPro solution including solar trackers by Trina Tracker, as well as the extension of the collaboration to other markets, and eventually the formation of a long-term partnership in the form of a strategic framework.

Susanne Wermter, CEO of Aquila Clean Energy EMEA, says: "For us, the signing of this agreement represents a big step in developing our projects in EMEA in the most efficient way possible. We are delighted to collaborate with Trina Solar, a leading player in the industry with a proven track record. This agreement allows us to weather market fluctuations with confidence and to develop our portfolio under competitive conditions, using efficient technologies in our projects."  

Gonzalo de la Viña, President EMEA at Trina Solar, notes: "This cooperation is very special and exciting for Aquila Clean Energy and Trina Solar. We feel honoured that Aquila Clean Energy has chosen Trina Solar as a strategic module partner for developing their evolving project portfolio. Our companies share the vision of decarbonizing energy generation and fighting climate change. We need to scale up solar PV deployment significantly, and this partnership is an important step towards achieving a net-zero future."

Aquila Clean Energy EMEA currently manages a portfolio of around 10.3 GW in Europe, with a focus on wind, solar and battery storage, with projects under development, construction and operation in different countries.