Trina Solar brings green energy to school in rural Laos

Trina Solar recently completed its second project of an off-grid PV power generation project to energize a newly built vocational training school in Pak Ngum, Laos. 

The project is part of the "Green benefits – Mekong-Lancang Cooperation (MLC) photovoltaic off-grid power generation project” sponsored by Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation Of China (OCCFC), where Trina Solar provides a total solution covering engineering, procurement, and construction management, as well as partial financial support to contribute to the countries’ power development in the Mekong-Lancang region.

The vocational training school is located in Pak-Ngum, a rural area that is 50km away from Vientiane City, Laos. The area of the school is 1000 square meters including a total of 9 classrooms, which can accommodate 160 students. The power infrastructure in the region of the school is underdeveloped. According to the local power outage announcement, blackouts regularly occur two or three times a week. The project provided a solution to the school’s power shortage problem and was essential to the school’s construction phase.


The newly built Pak Ngum vocational training school


The classroom

APBU team of Trina Solar customized the solution of the 50kW photovoltaic system with a 200kWh energy storage system. The system installed in the schoolyard can generate 225 kWh of electrical energy per day, meeting the basic power demand of the school. 


Trina Solar’s off-grid PV power generation school project in Laos 

Simon Li, President and General Manager of Asia Pacific Business Unit (APBU) of Trina Solar said, “due to inadequate power infrastructure in Laos, some rural areas still lack access to stable electricity. This project not only transmits stable electricity to the school in rural Laos, but more importantly, students can also learn the concept of sustainability and experience how life is improved by advanced photovoltaic technology. Trina solar carries the mission of promoting sustainability and green life to the world, hoping to use solar energy to benefit all humanity.