Trina Solar brings green power to rural Cambodia school

Trina Solar recently completed an off-grid PV power generation project in Cambodia, bringing clean power to a local school.

The off-grid power generation project was made for Srok Primary & Secondary School which is located in Srok Village, Srok Commune, Kompong Siem District, Kompongcham Province. The school was previously troubled by frequent power outages and high electricity cost. Asia Pacific PV Project Development Business Unit (APBU) of Trina Solar customized the solution which is a 50kW photovoltaic system with a 200kWh energy storage system that could generate 200kWh per day, meeting the basic power demand of the school.

Cambodia has limited domestic generation capacity with 32% electricity imports from its neighboring countries – Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. In addition, rural communities in Cambodia are spread out hence some do not have access to electricity delivery infrastructure.

The completion of this Cambodia project marks the successful conclusion of "Green benefits – Mekong-Lancang Cooperation (MLC) photovoltaic off-grid power generation project". “Green benefits project” is sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China (OCCFC), where Trina Solar provides a total solution covering engineering, procurement, and construction management, as well as partial financial support to contribute to power development in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

Simon Li, President and General Manager of Trina Solar APBU said, “The electricity consumption per capita of Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos are much lower than the world average level. It’s a valuable opportunity to participate in ‘Green benefits project’ to bring affordable, reliable and clean electricity, while also improving the students’ learning environment for the local schools in rural areas. As the world-leading PV smart energy solution provider, Trina Solar has always prided itself on its diligence in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, with the mission of ‘providing solar energy for all” to promote sustainability and green life to the world. ”