Trina Solar Delivers 379MW Vertex Bifacial Modules for Project in Extremadura, Spain

Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, announced a sizable sale of solar panels to a major European developer of sustainable energy solutions. The 588,000 Vertex DEG21C.20 bifacial solar modules are destined for a 379MW plant located close to Alcántara in Extremadura, Spain.

The Trina Solar Vertex  DEG21C.20 bifacial solar modules, purchased for the project feature several innovative designs, can achieve high power output to 670W while maintaining excellent temperature coefficient and low irradiation performance. In addition, the 210 cells and high-density encapsulation technology raise the module efficiency to 21.6%. The power-producing capability of the panels' rear side can increase the modules' power generation by up to 25%. They fully meet the four core requirements in LCOE-oriented principle, which reduces LCOE to a minimum by up to 4.1% with high power, high efficiency, high reliability and high energy yield.

Besides, Trina Solar's design uses low-voltage and a higher module string power output to connect up to 28 modules in a string and achieve an up to 34% power increase over other reference modules.

The Vertex high-power bi-facial modules place the PV plant in Alcántara as a regional leader in solar innovation. Yield potential increases due to the 210mm silicon wafer technology lower BOS costs while ensuring that the system is fully compatible with market technology. In addition, the high-quality dual-glass design ensures that the modules will last for generations.

Trina Solar is providing the highest efficiency possible through innovation to do its part to help Europe attain its sustainable energy goals.

The purchase represents Trina Solar's continued commitment to developing solar resources throughout Europe, creating innovative solutions for renewable energy infrastructure.