Trina Solar is an enthusiastic digger for GreenGold

GreenGold, the global green energy industry’s digital financial platform, has been launched during the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

GreenGold was jointly launched by green energy companies including Trina Solar, international green energy organizations, academic research institutions and international fintech organizations such as the Global Green Energy Industry Council, the educational innovation platform Tsinghua x-lab, and the International Digital Rights Economic Cooperation Alliance (Hong Kong). GreenGold, which is based on blockchain technology, will function as a digital financial platform for the global green energy industry, promote financial investment in energy and digital asset trading and support the digital development of green energy.

New energy is an important driving force in transforming the way energy is used. In the future, a sharing mechanism based on data sharing and smart connectivity will be created to form a new energy system enabled by energy marketization and the sharing economy.

Trina Solar, whose headquarter is in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, is the world’s leading provider of integrated smart energy solutions with cutting-edge PV technologies. For more than 20 years it has striven for innovation, promoted the revolution of new energy technologies and development models, and contributed to the development of green and sustainable energy.