Trina Solar invests and builds a production base of high-efficiency PV cells & modules in Yiwu

On April 16th, 2019, Trina Solar held a signing ceremony in Yiwu with the People's Government of Yiwu and the Management Committee of Yiwu Information Optoelectronics High-tech Industrial Park. According to agreements signed, Trina Solar will establish a world’s leading production base of high-efficiency PV cells and modules in Yiwu Information Optoelectronics High-tech Industrial Park.

At the ceremony, the representatives of the parties signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement and the Investment Agreement on the Project of Trina Solar’s Production Base of High-efficiency PV Cells & Modules.

Gao Jifan, Chairman and CEO of Trina Solar, and Lin Yi, Secretary of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, each delivered their speech at the signing ceremony. Wang Jian, Mayor of Yiwu chaired the signing ceremony.

Mr. Gao Jifan noted in his speech that Trina Solar's investment in Yiwu won’t be limited to a PV manufacturing base, but it will create more opportunities with smart energy in the future. Trina Solar aspires to further exploit the fields of photovoltaic manufacturing and smart energy while making new contributions to the development of Yiwu. It is known to all that every industrial revolution is accompanied by an energy revolution. Therefore, with the help of photovoltaic, energy storage and artificial intelligence in the next 30 years, a greener and lower-carbon energy system is expected to be established.

Secretary Lin Yi said in his speech that Yiwu City should not only focus on the development of trade, but also on that of the manufacturing industry, since it is another top priority for the city. Trina Solar will gain strong support, as well as collaboration from both the Municipal Party Committee, and the Government of Yiwu, because it is viewed as an important part of the Yiwu Optoelectronics industry chain.

Yiwu embarked on a regional development path with its own characteristics since China’s Reform and Opening-Up by actively promoting of its industrialization and internationalization. Similarly, since its establishment in 1997, Trina Solar has been a participant, witness and contributor of the 40-year Reform and Opening-Up course in China. It has come a long way from its 1.0 era of photovoltaic products and the 2.0 era of photovoltaic systems development to today’s 3.0 era of becoming a global leader in the smart energy industry. With the active acceleration of its pace in globalization, Trina Solar now has its business in over 100 countries and regions. Under the guidance of its core values of “Customer-Centric, Open-mindedness, Dedication and Excellence”, Trina Solar is bringing together parties with a cooperative and open mind to enable the use of solar energy worldwide for the benefit of all mankind.