Trina Solar pioneering large-scale industrial application of n-type cell technology

Dr. Yifeng Chen, Vice President of State Key Laboratory of PV Science & Technology and Assistant Vice President of Trina Solar, delivered a keynote speech at an international tech conference held in mid-March. Dr. Chen gave an interpretation of the technology evolution of the PV industry from the perspective of size, efficiency, and cost.

He concluded with 6 empirical learning for PV industry, for example, the “50%-10 years” law for wafer size, that a new wafer size should have significant increase (like 50%), to become a new industrial standard for next 10 years. He also mentioned the “3 years - 50%” law in equipment, that the CAPEX of solar cells drops by 50% every 3 years. For efficiency improvement, the industrialization of n-type cell technology is the developing trend within the industry, and that Trina Solar is at the forefront of this development, with cumulative technological strengths that make it one of the global trend leaders.

Leading experts from renowned international institutions such as Fraunhofer ISE, Forschungszentrum Jülich, INES, TNO, and IMEC, as well as leading solar PV players attended this conference.

n-type cell tech: Trina Solar always a step ahead

Trina Solar recognized the potential of n-type cells a long time ago and began to develop n-type cell technology in 2015. P-type PERC technology has efficiency limitations, making it critical that the production of n-type cells, which began to be commercialized last year, is stepped up significantly. At the end of 2022, Trina Solar’s 210mm n-type i-TOPCon cells and modules came into mass production successively.

The company not only guarantees worry-free delivery while improving all-round competitiveness, but also ensures the production capacity and quality of its n-type modules, delivering greater value to its customers.

Dr. Chen also introduced the newly upgraded n-type i-TOPCon modules with Vertex 210R (rectangle cells) n-type 605W and Vertex 210 (square cells) n-type 695W modules, with module efficiency of up to 22.4%, helping customers draw great benefits in various settings, including mountains, water surfaces, and the desert.

Trina Solar invests heavily in technological innovation, and this has driven it to become a leader in the industry with its advanced 210mm n-type products. Demand for Trina Solar modules has grown significantly worldwide. the company has signed series of deals with customers globally, including a multi-year supply framework agreement for over one gigawatt for multiple Low Carbon Ltd, a 100 MW deal in Japan, and a 500 MW deal with Al-Raebi in Yemen.