Trina Solar recognised for its happy workplace environment

Four companies, including Trina Solar and Alibaba Pictures, have been selected as outstanding examples of a “Happy workplace environment” by People’s Daily Online, in the paper's 2019 Happy Companies Report, published on October 18.

Shao Yang, Trina Solar's chief human resources officer, talking of the company's ability to make its employees happy, said: "Staff here enjoy very good benefits, a diverse variety of professional training and a range of family activities, and they can also join activity clubs to suit their personal interests.

“Since the company was founded in 1997, Trina Solar’s global staff has grown to more than 14,000 people and the company has established regional headquarters in all regions of the world, as well as offices in more than 40 countries. It has large-scale manufacturing bases in China, Thailand and Vietnam. The task of strengthening the cohesion and sense of identity of our employees around the globe is both extremely important andhighly challenging.”

Trina Solar moves with the times, updating its company culture at each new stage in its development, in order to improve company cohesion, safeguard the healthy long-term growth of the business, help employees to achieve their individual potential, and to accomplish the company’s mission, she said.

The editor of People’s Daily Online, Luo Hua, said: “It is only when companies take responsibility that employees can feel a sense of achievement and happiness; happy companies are the cornerstone of the people’s happiness.”

Trina Solar holds an annual photovoltaic knowledge competition, dance performance production tournament and music video production tournament, as well as a range of family activities, such as a summer camp for the children of Trina employees, a family educational reading event and an annual Trina family day. On special commemorative days the company holds large-scale cultural and recreational activities, such as the 20th Anniversary Thousand Employees Banquet & Celebrity Red Carpet, and the 2018 Annual Party and Nature Outing based on the theme “Trina and 40 years of reform and opening-up”.

Trina Solar has launched what it calls a CODE Core Values & Position Competency Talent Review to help employees identify strengths and areas for improvement in the practical application of their cultural core values. This is used to formulate an individual “cultural improvement plan” for each employee to encourage constant improvement. The company also continues to run its Trina Star-finder Plan to encourage staff to look out for colleagues around them who give their utmost and are willing to take on responsibility. This ensures that the Trina 3.0 Core Values are taken to heart and reflected in the conduct of its staff.

The transformation and upgrade of the company’s business operations is inextricably linked to its talent development. In 2017 Trina entered its 3.0 Era, and in order to achieve its strategic objectives and long-term growth, Trina University was founded. It comprises six colleges: Leadership college; a business college; photovoltaic college; a future studies school; an energy IoT college; and an international college. These help the company to foster organisational ability and develop its business model, thereby nurturing and empowering talented staff for the benefit of the company and its partners. The aim is to turn it into a first-class company university.

Trina Solar has attracted outstanding talent from more than 30 countries. It provides its employees with global career development opportunities and is committed to becoming a preeminent global enterprise that is respected by society and loved by its staff. With the company's mission of “Solar Energy for All” in mind, its staff are committed to working together to create a wonderful future.