Trina Solar releases Corporate Social Responsibility 2018 report

Trina Solar Co., Ltd ("Trina Solar" or the "company"), the world leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, released its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 2018 report. The CSR 2018 report was based on the framework of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Since 2011, Trina Solar has continued to compile and release its annual CSR report, which details the firm's strategy, concept and practices in relation to CSR and sustainability as well as the commitment to creating value for all stakeholders.

The report elaborates Trina Solar's efforts in reducing both energy consumption and emissions, engaging in development projects that are environmentally responsible, caring for employees, creating a corporate culture that respects these principles and fulfilling the CSR obligations in a new 3.0 era with a focus on governance and development, protecting planet earth, assuring a development and maintenance of a supply chain that respects these obligations, providing a caring workplace and making a meaningful contribution to society.

From the construction of new facilities, selection and utilization of raw materials, implementation of manufacturing processes and waste recycling to the consumption of energy and resources, Trina Solar has applied an environmentally-conscious approach to production processes across all its operations. In February 2018, the company received a score of 97 when it was evaluated by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC), a third party assessment firm, and was included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)'s Green Factory list. From 2014 to the end of 2018, the company collected and treated 15.11 million tons of industrial wastewater, which was converted by a reclaimed water plant into 9.2 million tons of clean water used for addressing the year-round water needs for over 50,000 households.

In addition, the company is facilitating UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 by helping to eradicate poverty, end hunger, improve people's health and well-being, ensure quality education that is inclusive and equitable, provide access to reliable and clean energy, implement responsible production models and combat climate change.

With its outstanding performance in terms of environmental protection, labor practices, employee rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement, in 2017 and 2018, Trina Solar received a gold medal from EcoVadis, a global supplier sustainability ratings organization, in recognition of its CSR achievements. The awards recognized the company's long-term contribution to promoting sustainability as a responsible corporate citizen.

Trina Solar is committed to becoming a global leader in smart energy as it continues promoting the utilization of green energy and implementing solutions that boost green development. The company will continue to fulfill its social responsibility and deliver on its mission to provide everyone on the planet with access to solar power.


The report is written in both Chinese and English, and is retrievable on the company's official website (

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