Trina Solar supplies TrinaPro smart energy solutions for pioneering UHV photovoltaic project

The world’s leading provider of PV and smart energy total solutions Trina Solar has announced that it has been designated the solutions provider for one of the world’s first UHV photovoltaic projects. Trina Solar will provide TrinaPro smart PV solutions and 600MW p-type and n-type high-efficiency photovoltaic modules for a ± 800 kV UHV DC project extending from Qinghai to Henan( “the Qinghai UHV project”).

“We are very glad to win such a great and remarkable project in China, which is also TrinaPro’s largest photovoltaic installation in the global market,” said Trina Solar China head of TrinaPro Xie Rujin.

“We’re confident Trina Solar's high-efficiency modules and TrinaPro smart PV solutions will ensure efficient and stable operation for this important project.”

TrinaPro, launched in early 2018, is popular worldwide, with users throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. TrinaPro, which assisted with the Qinghai UHV project, features Trina Solar’s n-type i-TOPCon high-efficiency modules, combined with an intelligent bifacial tracker algorithm and an intelligent inverter, which can effectively enhance overall system efficiency, reduce the levelized cost of electricity. In addition, Trina Solar’s 72-cell n-type i-TOPCon module with high-density module technology has a front-side power of up to 450W and a module conversion efficiency of 20.9%, which reduces the BOS cost even further.

The Qinghai UHV project stretches from Hainan prefecture in Qinghai province to the city of Zhumadian, Henan province, with total investment of about 22.6 billion yuan ($2.3 billion). The project is due to be completed and connected to the grid by the end of September this year, and it will become the world’s first UHV conduit for transmitting clean energy. The Qinghai UHV project represents significant innovation in China’s development of UHV transmission technology to promote large-scale application of new energy.