Trina Solar Unveiled Its Vision and Innovation Exhibition Center

On June 20, Vision and Innovation Trina Solar Exhibition Center was officially opened.

The main colors of Vision and Innovation Trina Solar Exhibition Center are white and blue. The design style is minimalist, modern with a strong high-tech feel. The Exhibition Center uses new digital optical technologies such as immersive U-shaped screens, visualized big data, and dynamic projection combined with static relief to fully demonstrate the development of the energy internet in Changzhou New District and the vision and innovation in the development of Trina Solar.

The Exhibition Center guides the audience on a journey of vision and innovation with an epic narrative, which showcases the social significance, industry-leading PV products and smart energy solutions of Trina Solar over the course of its transformation and development, as well as the blueprint for the evolution of big data-driven energy internet and the future powered by smart energy.

Trina Solar Chairman Jifan Gao said that signing the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 made him realize that countries need clean energy to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction goals, and when California Governor Schwarzenegger signed the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, he was even more convinced. “Using solar energy for the benefit of all mankind” became his dream, so he founded Trina Solar. Trina Solar is the crystallization of dream and innovation.

With more than 20 years of innovation and growth, Trina Solar has been actively developing its PV systems and new smart energy business based on its module business, and it is committed to becoming a global leader in smart energy. Trina Solar has not forgotten its original mission, and is forging ahead with its vision and innovation.