Trina Solar Vertex S+ Clear Black modules power PV demonstration project with high-performance, beauty and sustainability

The construction of a demonstration photovoltaic power plant project with modules provided by Trina Solar has been completed at the Yangtze River Delta Institute for Sustainable Development in Shanghai. The plant, with total installed capacity of 26.66 kW, is forecast to generate 26,853 kWh and reduce CO₂ emissions by 22.5 tonnes a year.

Modules in the plant are installed over a corridor, meeting the needs of rooftop aesthetics. With this aim in mind, Trina Solar’s Vertex S+ Clear Black modules are well up to the task, having won a German Design Award this year.



The module, launched in February, generates power of up to 445W and has efficiency of 22.3%. It achieves high uniformity between all cells and between cells and frames, thus lending design integrity to building exteriors. Indeed, the module has set a new trend in PV aesthetics innovation in the global middle- and high-end residential market.

It incorporates a bifacial cell technology with transparent encapsulate for perfect aesthetics in application settings such as carports, public spaces and agricultural projects, with additional power gain from the back side of the module.

Combining 210mm rectangular silicon wafer (210R) cell technology with n-type i-TOPCon advanced technology, this series of modules provides high power, efficiency and guaranteed lifetime power output. The 1.6mmx1.6mm lightweight dual-glass structure ensures ultra-high reliability and safety of the module. In addition, the Vertex S+ dual-glass panel is extremely environmentally friendly because it is made with more glass than are traditional backsheet panels, reducing carbon emissions during production by 11%.



The institute project, while maintaining classic garden style, has adopted a number of advanced technologies to create a low-carbon, healthy, intelligent and comfortable environment. The electricity generated will be put to daily use in the institute’s exhibition center. It sets a perfect example for exploring full life-cycle carbon reduction practices in the construction field and will be a demonstration project for exploring new models of near-zero carbon transformation and achieving sustainable development goals in the Yangtze River Delta, as well as in national and global carbon neutrality.



Trina Solar is committed to leading the way in smart PV and energy storage solutions and facilitating the transformation of new power systems for a net-zero future. The company will continue to draw on its tremendous technological and product advantages and work with others to build a more sustainable future.