Trina Solar's modules powered 100MW fishery PV project with high-performance

A 100MW fishery photovoltaic project using Trina Solar’s modules proved to generate power with high performance. The modules, with high energy yield and high reliability, can withstand harsh maritime environments and deliver great economic value to customers.



This project, installed over fish ponds in Taishan, Guangdong, China, continued to be used for fish and shrimp breeding after the system was connected to the grid. However, the climate in the marine mudflat location places particularly tough demands for modules’ safety and reliability, such as potential induced degradation, corrosion of electrical equipment, tougher installation, construction.

Trina Solar's modules fully consider weather-fastness in design, avoiding the risk of water intrusion, ensuring high reliability and energy yield in harsh environments. From multiple rigorous mechanical load tests in the laboratory to practical applications in projects worldwide, Trina Solar’s modules have always withstood any challenges with first-class reliability. Its Vertex 670W module was awarded a damp-heat reliability prize by China General Certification Center in early 2022, which fully confirmed its superior reliability and applicability in fishing, mudflat, floating, and seaside scenarios.

Besides, solar modules installed above the water can shade the fish pond, reduce the water temperature, cut evaporation and effectively block strong sunlight, which significantly reduces the incidence of fish dying as a result of high water temperatures. With the integration of technology and nature, this project not only improves the local natural environment but also reaps a harvest in fishery and power generation.

As a natural choice in the hot and humid climate, previous to this 100MW fishery project, Trina Solar Vertex modules powered a 60MW solar farm, one of the world’s largest inland floating solar PV systems in Singapore, and a 70MW fishery photovoltaic project in Hebei, China, and many other projects worldwide.

For the past 25 years, Trina Solar has focused on technological innovation to provide systematic solutions based on local conditions and customers’ needs. Trina Solar modules have proven their worry-free power generation throughout the life cycle, delivering lower LCOE of with high reliability, high efficiency, high power and high energy yield.