TrinaTracker Releases Latest Smart Tracking Technology White Paper

On December 8, 2021, at Trina Sub-forum during the 17th China SoG Silicon and PV Power Conference (CSPV), TrinaTracker grandly released A White Paper on SuperTrack - Trina Smart Tracking Technology, and Doctor SUN Kai, Chief Engineer of State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology, made a wonderful speech on Trina’s smart tracking technology.

At beginning, Dr. Sun Kai introduced TrinaTracker’s system, a comprehensive solution integrating the tracker, tracking control unit, the network control unit, the SuperTrack and smart SCADA. In which, SuperTrack is the key asset for smart tracking technology.

According to SUN Kai, SuperTrack includes smart algorithms, multi-source data, and a software platform. SuperTrack can calculate the optimal power generation angle of the bifacial module in real-time for different weather conditions, based on the long-term deep research on the power generation characteristics of the modules. and identify the characteristics of the complex terrain in an intelligent way, independently optimize the angle of Backtracking in each row, avoiding row-to-row shading and fully optimizing the power generation potential of tracker. Compared with conventional tracking algorithm, the power generation gain is up to 8%. SuperTrack has been verified in numerous projects, proving its stability and extra energy gain, the validation process and the results have been endorsed by a authoritative third party in the industry.

The SuperTrack is finally launched after a 2-year research and development procedure, relying upon the achievements of the State Key Laboratory in the research of the module’s power generation characteristics and control system. The utilization of SuperTrack will significantly improve the “softpower” of trackers, optimizing the power generation potential of PV station

In the end, Dr. Sun also appeals to the tracker industry to work together for the technical upgrade, establishing industry standard & specifications and promoting the development of smart tracker.

For further information about the SuperTrack, please download A White Paper on SuperTrack - Trina Smart Tracking Technology.