TrinaTracker stability ratified with comprehensive wind tunnel test

TrinaTracker has globally published a white paper “Strategies to mitigate wind related risks in trackers compatible with ultra-high-power modules” after launching the webinar “Ensuring the tracker stability in extreme weather conditions” in partnership with PV Magazine. TrinaTracker ratified the stability of its Agile 1P and Vanguard 2P in extreme weather conditions by performing wind tunnel tests in collaboration with the leading wind engineering consultancy firms CPP and RWDI.

PV tracking system has become a critical investment for asset owners and investors who expect long-lasting and reliable systems to optimize returns.  Nowadays, PV plants are installed in various sites, many of them with highly demanding terrain characteristics and extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the mounting of ultra-high-power modules, in strong demand by the industry, involves higher wind loads added to the trackers. The solar industry has long realized that building codes do not consider the tracker-specific aeroelastic effects produced by the action of wind. Therefore, more advanced analytic tests are necessary for reliable tracker design.

In the webinar, Markus Balz (Managing Director of SBP – independent third-party global leading renewable energy engineering consulting firm) and Trina Solar presenters Cruz Argüeso Chamorro (TrinaTracker Senior Civil Engineer), Marcos Cerezo (TrinaTracker Engineer) and Gonzalo de la Viña (Head of Trina Solar Europe) discussed the different models used in the wind tunnel testing and the importance of performing the Full Aeroelastic Model Test. Moreover, they presented TrinaTracker’s optimized design solutions to mitigate wind-related risk on trackers. The designs include strengthened structures and different stow strategies for 1P and 2P configurations according to the wind tunnel tests results, which further upgrade the stability and reliability of TrinaTracker in terms of application with ultra-high-power modules.

Markus Balz, Managing Director of SBP stated: “after several years of supporting tracker companies, EPCs and developers in the field of trackers, it is a relief to see TrinaTracker offering sophisticated design approaches to tackle safety and cost optimization at the same time.”

Jason Duan, Head of tracker business unit at Trina Solar, said: “I am proud to confirm that TrinaTracker offers a bankable product to asset owners and investors. TrinaTracker will continue to put its efforts into designing optimized tracking solutions for customers that can provide validated reliability, durability and maximum energy yield in every site.”