Statement on Hanwha’s preliminary injunction against Trina Solar in Germany

Recently, Hanwha applied for a preliminary injunction on three of Trina Solar’s phased out older modules (TSM-325DD06M.05(II), TSM-390DE09.05 and TSM-375DE08M.08(II)) in Germany, alleging patent infringement with regards to PERC technology. We have always been respecting and complying with the laws and regulations in countries and regions where we operate, especially those related to intellectual property. We do not agree with any allegations of patent infringement as the raised claims lack any legal grounds or justification.

As one of the most established companies in the solar PV industry, Trina Solar has a 25-year track record of technology innovation. In the recent years, we have been closely following the dispute over PERC patents between Hanwha and other major solar module manufactures, therefore we have a very in-depth understanding of the dispute. All of Trina Solar’s PERC modules available in the market are developed and manufactured using Trina Solar’s proprietary PERC patents. Hanwha’s claim is totally unfounded and is factually incorrect. We are consulting with our lawyers and will vigorously defend our position in the most appropriate manner.

Hanwha’s preliminary injunction will have no substantial impact on the operations of Trina Solar and its customers’. Notwithstanding of our objection to the dispute on IP infringement allegations, the module types under dispute are all previous generation products (discontinued products).

We sincerely hope that the above clearly explains the dispute between Trina Solar and Hanwha in Germany. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Trina Solar has been providing high quality solar modules to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In the future, we will continue to strive for technological innovation and benefit customers with high-value products.