• Feature

    Up to 120

    Modules per tracker

  • Feature

    7 piles

    Per Tracker

  • Feature

    Up to 15%

    Flexible Terrain Adaptability

  • Feature

    0 degrees

    Stow Position

Vanguard 2P Second Generation

✔ Revolutionized multi-motor, multi-drive system
✔ The tracker tilt angle is continuously monitored by several TCU across tracker length achieving a total angle alignment.
✔ More efficient installation process.
✔ Faster stow positioning.
✔ Reduced shading on bifacial modules backside.
✔ Reduction of tracker’s components.

The maximum tracking reliability

✔ Single-row tracker.
✔ Compatible with modules from 400W to 670W.
✔ Enhanced torque tube design for 2P operation.
✔ Multi-point drive with self-locking function for maximum wind stability.
✔ Comprehensive wind tunnel test performed by RWDI ensures a reliable design.
✔ Only 7 piles per tracker - 45% reduction in piles.

TrinaTracker Trina Clamp

Patented Spherical Bearing

✔  TrinaTracker proprietary technology globally patented.
✔  Reduces installation time by 15%.
✔ Self-maintenance.
✔ Improves terrain adaptability.
✔ Eliminates twist in posts and the fails on the driving.
✔ Avoids the need for calibration during the installation process.
✔  15 years proven efficiency in harsh environments.

Spherical Bearing Whitepaper

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