Trina Solar on full alert to prevent and control coronavirus

The pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus is sudden and spreading rapidly. Trina Solar has since made virus control a priority, establishing emergency response groups immediately to coordinate the entire company from top to bottom, and taking numerous measures to counter its spread by all means possible.

On 21 January, under the direction of Chairman Gao Jifan, Trina organized a first-level (company-level) Emergency Response Group for Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus, which is composed of the company monitoring  platform, the Environment, Health and Safety Department, HR Department, CEO’s office, Administration Department, Security Department, and the managers of each plant. A response group email address was also announced, along with reporting channels for suspected cases.

That evening, the group drew up a set of control guidelines, which were distributed to the representatives of each production zone with instructions to execute them with immediate effect. This was promptly followed by the formation of second-level emergency response groups, arranged by business division, and third-level groups corresponding to each manufacturing base and planning, materials supply, and logistics support divisions. This has created a finely-tuned virus-control network, in which each level has its own responsibilities while also working closely with other levels to ensure a fast response and flexibility.

Trina Solar prioritizes health and safety for staff in the workplace. It has stepped up the frequency of disinfection and ventilation measures in all office spaces and production plants, with this work performed daily since 20 January. It has also bulk-purchased face masks, which are distributed daily to staff, and assigned special staff to purchase thermometers, which have been put into use in all offices and plants to ensure the safety of the work environment.

Disinfection in plants and offices


Trina Solar has actively instigated internal inspection rounds in which virus response reports are collected daily from each factory and office location.

Testing body temperature


Trina Solar has also extended the Spring Festival holiday period, giving approval for staff in non-key posts to work from home for a week and return to work on 10 February. The company has provided information technology tools to support staff work remotely. In addition, in accordance with the State Council’s policy regulations, staff members from outside the city where they work are required to self-isolate at home for 14 days upon their return, and to keep in contact with the emergency response groups.

Trina Solar is on full alert to tackle the virus. By implementing specific measures and coordinating all levels of the business, the entire workforce is pulling out all the stops to ensure victory in the anti-virus war of resistance!