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"As part of our commitment to sustainable development and innovation, we will continue to integrate the ideas in our entire manufacturing and operation process. We strive to drive down the cost of photovoltaic (PV) power generation through constant technological innovation, making solar power affordable for everyone while meeting the worldwide demand for clean energy. We look forward to creating a framework for a future-oriented, cleaner, sustainable energy system so as to benefit mankind with solar energy."
                                                                        — Jifan Gao, Trina Solar Chairman and General Manager


Electricity consumption between 2020 and 2022 
- 43 %
Electricity consumption per MW cell (MWH/MW) decreased 42.82% 
- 42 %
Electricity consumption per MW module (MWH/MW) decreased 41.54%
Water consumption
- 63 %
Compared with the base year of 2020, water consumption per MW cell (t/MW) decreased 62.72% in 2022
- 53 %
Water consumption per MW module (t/MW) decreased 53.20%
GHG Emissions
- 51 %
GHG emission per MW cell (tCO2e/MW) decreased 50.81%
- 62 %
GHG emission per MW module (tCO2e/MW) decreased 61.88%



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Committed to Sustainability

At Trina Solar, we’re committed to leading the way in smart solar energy solutions for a net-zero future. We ensure that every stage of our products’ manufacturing process is clean and sustainable. Our world-class quality standards, best practices and policies, set new benchmarks within the industry. We fully support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our aim is to achieve 100% renewable energy usage in both production and operations by 2030.

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Open and Accountable.

We work with accredited third-party partners to measure our performance in sustainable manufacturing. Our aim is to achieve full supply chain transparency, adhering to ESG and CSR standards. We publish annual sustainability reports that help us set goals, track our progress and stay accountable to our employees, communities, and customers.

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Accountable to third-party reporting.

It is Trina's policy to be as open and transparent as possible around our processes. Working with accredited third-party partners to help us measure and confirm our performance on key metrics of sustainable manufacturing. These reports let us set goals, track our progress and stay accountable to our employees, communities and customers.

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Responsible Manufacturing.

By closely monitoring our manufacturing emissions and carbon footprint, we’ve managed to remarkably reduce our electricity and water consumption. Our electricity consumption decreased by 43% per MW cell, and by 42% per MW module in 2022. In the same period, our water consumption decreased by a substantial 62.72% per MW cell, and by 53.20% per MW module, all compared to the base year of 2020. Moreover, as active members of PV Cycle, we ensure that our products are responsibly recycled at the end of their lifecycle, further reducing our environmental impact.

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Globally Recognised in CSR.

We’ve been honoured with several prestigious awards in recent years. In January 2024, we received the Bloomberg Green ESG-Enterprises award for our efforts in promoting sustainable development and our contributions to the photovoltaic industry. We were also awarded EPD certifications from UL Solutions for our industry-leading Vertex N 700W modules, as well as the Vertex N 610W and Vertex 670W modules. In 2023, The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China recognized us as a 'Decarbonisation Leader' for our achievements in low-carbon transition and climate change mitigation. And in 2022, we were awarded the LCA certificate for our 210mm Vertex modules by TÜV Rheinland, becoming the first solar company to receive LCA certification for 210mm modules. These recognitions underscore our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society as we deliver smart PV and energy storage solutions. 

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Empowering Communities.

Our advanced Vertex bifacial solar PV modules played a crucial role in enabling a Lithuanian municipality to power its water treatment plant with clean energy, aligning with the country's goals to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Despite challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic and rising energy prices, we supported UAB Šiaulių Vandenys, the local water supplier, in successfully completing the project. With our modules, the plant will be able to generate sufficient electricity to power wastewater treatment operations in all weather conditions. Our solar installation is projected to generate over half of the plant's energy needs, significantly reducing costs and carbon emissions over its 25-year lifespan.

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We donated PV modules to the Sun Star hybrid power system in Cape Town, South Africa. When the construction was later dismantled, all the modules were donated to a local low-income community.

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We donated modules to earthquake-stricken area in Nepal, where British royal, Prince Harry, helped in the reconstruction.

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We partnered with SunPlan and MaxSolar to donate photovoltaic modules to Tanzania Msafiri English primary school, supporting the education of 170 students.

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