Trina Solar FixOrigin

Trina Solar's FixOrigin is a versatile and cost-effective fixed-tilt system designed for diverse terrains and extreme weather. It pairs seamlessly with high-performance solar modules of up to 710W+ and is optimised for bifacial PV modules to reduce rear shading and maximise energy capture.

Easy installation
Save time and labour costs to make your solar project more efficient
Tailored design
Site-specific design informed by terrain, weather and space availability
Guaranteed durability
Structural stability proven by wind tunnel tests for long-lasting performance in extreme weather
Optimised efficiency
Minimal labour and earth works required, reducing LCOE

Optimised Efficiency

- A range of climate, landscape and space-optimised configurations of FixOrigin are available
- Trina Solar, together with leading engineering consultant Ruscheweyh, subjects all systems to rigorous wind tests, static load tests, fatigue and durability assessments
- FixOrigin systems are compatible with ultra-high power modules of up to 710W+
- These systems improve energy production by minimising the effects of rear shading on bifacial solar modules
- They lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) without compromising on structural stability

Visionary Engineering

- Trina Solar provides pull-out tests alongside geotechnical and corrosion analysis of proposed sites
- Trina Solar's extensive supply network shortens lead times for quick project delivery and installation
- During setup, the adjustable height and inclination of FixOrigin systems reduce the need for cutting, drilling and welding
- FixOrigin's compatibility with a range of foundation types makes it well-suited to different terrains and challenging weather

Trina Solar Guarantee

- With over 18 years of experience across 300 sites in 40+ countries, Trina Solar tailors the perfect solution for every site
- Rigorous quality control and the use of robust, high-quality materials ensure the long-term performance of FixOrigin structures
- A team of 215 engineers optimises systems according to project requirements, client needs and market regulations

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