Vertex 585W

MBB, 565–585 W

  • Feature

    132 Cell


  • Feature

    565–585 W

    Power Output Range

  • Feature


    Maximum Efficiency

  • Feature


    Positive Power Tolerance

Your Best Choice for C&I Projects

• High customer value

• High power up to 580W

• High reliability

• High energy yield

Lower system cost and payback time

• Optimized logistics, more kW per container

• Less modules to handle and install

• Lower structure cost

• Less strings, shorter DC cabling

High Reliability

With stronger resistance against hotspots and excessive temperature, Vertex modules maintain high reliability. The application of multi-busbar cells results in more uniform loads to prevent stress, resulting in better overall performance. Nowadays the market share of PV modules featuring multi-busbar technology is dominant in the global solar industry.

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