Vertex S+ 505W


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    108 Cell


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    Maximum Power Output

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    30 Years

    Power Warranty

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    Maximum Efficiency

Strategic sizing: Optimised for C&I rooftops.

Our flagship module, the Vertex S+ 500W+, is engineered to help you decarbonise your business. With an impressive power output of 505W and lightweight and compact module design, it’s the ideal solution for commercial and industrial rooftops. Utilising our advanced n type i-TOPCon cell technology and featuring dual-glass composition, the Vertex S+ 500W+ achieves 22.7% module efficiency and enhanced energy yield. This next-generation module seamlessly integrates high string power and low voltage, resulting in lower total system costs and a shorter payback time.

Peace of mind for 30 years and beyond.

The Vertex S+ 500W+ features a robust dual-glass composition and n type i-TOPCon cell technology, resulting in industry-leading low degradation and enhanced long-term performance and reliability. The modules are backed by our 25 year product workmanship warranty and 30 year power warranty. It’s a module with peace of mind, for generations to come.

Powerful, reliable and sustainable dual-glass structure.

The Vertex S+ 500W+ is the first module for large rooftops that features a dual-glass structure. Renowned for their reliability, dual-glass provides exceptional performance across time because of their resistance to salt spray, acids, alkalis, high temperatures and humidity. The glass serves as a symmetrical sealant, preventing moisture penetration and minimising stress on the cells, while also enhancing fire safety.
By replacing traditional plastic backsheets with dual-glass, we have lowered the panel’s environmental footprint and enhanced its end-of-life recyclability. It’s a transformation that renders the Vertex S+ 500W+ a durable and sustainable solution for C&I applications.

Universal rooftop solution designed for easy installation.

The lightweight design and remarkable compatibility of the Vertex S+ 500W+ simplifies installation across applications. This module integrates easily with other BOS components, offering a variety of mounting options including short side and long side clamping, crossed beam, shared rail and slide-in mounting. Its electrical specifications also make it highly compatible with mainstream inverters.
Through advances in glass processing, this module incorporates two ultra-thin glass layers, each measuring just 1.6mm in thickness. This technological innovation results in a low weight of 23.5kg, comparable to that of traditional backsheet modules. This means lower additional static load on the roof and habitual handling during installation.

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